Empower Workforce Solutions is Ghana’s premier recruitment and workforce solutions partner. Empower offers full complement end-to-end recruitment and workforce solutions across various industry verticals. With our recruitment, assessment and selection methods, we ensure the on-going quality of our product – quality people.

Recruitment and Permanent Staffing

Empower is at the forefront of recruitment, providing you with experienced professionals who will guide your business objectives. With our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods, we will assist you in building your winning core team of staff who share in your long-term organisational goals.

Empower uses a medley of sourcing techniques which involves:

  • Research and Sourcing – we map the market through our extensive network for suitable candidates working for competitor or related businesses.
  • Selection – we conduct interviews and any other required assessments for all candidates in line with your company’s standards.
  • Checks – we conduct reference and background checks with the aim to verify candidates’ skills and experience validate employment history and educational credentials.

Empower Outsourcing Services:

Talent Brokering

Whether you are on the market for the most qualified and skilled talent OR unskilled / casual labour, Empower will supply you with the talent needed to meet your immediate, medium or long term business demands. With our talent brokering service, we manage all payroll administration and employee benefits function in accordance with all relevant statutory provisions completely eliminating the burden of staff management. Talent Brokering is the surest way to gain quick access to the market’s most qualified and skilled manpower whilst allowing you to focus on your business strategy.

Relocation Services

When relocating to Ghana, Empower, your one-stop “agent to entry” can assist with business registration, visa arrangements, housing and integration of expatriate staff into the local culture.

Virtual HR (VHR)

Empower Workforce solutions provides a cost effective and flexible HR service to companies who require specialist HR expertise without the burden of investing in a permanent practitioner. Empower believes in pragmatic HR where we offer innovative and practical solutions to our clients’ business. Our Virtual HR Team have experience gained at top management level in various industries and are fully qualified to guide your business forward. They will integrate with your senior management team to deliver specialist HR expertise in strict confidence.

 Virtual Assistance (VA)

With a dedicated Virtual Assistant working remotely to deliver top-notch administrative services to you globally, all communication and support services are taken care of through a single point of contact allowing you to enjoy the freedom of focusing on your core business and closing that very important deal. Per the nature of your business address services are also offered to save you from the costs involved in setting up a traditional office you do not need.

Empower Payroll Solutions (EmPAY) 

For many businesses, payroll services offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing. Chosen correctly, an outsourced payroll service will provide you with a less expensive, simpler means of paying your employees, filing your taxes and ultimately allowing you to focus on your core business. Our payroll solution offers unrivalled payroll services which support fully parameterized payroll elements i.e. earnings, statutory deductions and employee savings schemes. Our monthly payroll service fees are competitive and determined by your company’s pay frequency and number of employees. 

Empower also offers automated solution packages which include device and customisable software, to allow accurate payroll information capture and processing.

Workforce Consulting

The key to profitability is rooted in the understanding of market dynamics. We can show you how to align your business strategy with your workforce strategy, improving your work models, people practices, talent resourcing and talent management to increase your organisation’s agility and competitiveness. We help you optimise your business and minimise turnover.  Our Workforce Consulting Services include Organisational Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisition HR Integration, Strategic Workforce Planning & Talent Management, Change Management, Benefits & Compensation, Performance Management, HR Policies and Procedures, Industrial Relations, Succession Planning to name a few.

Training and Professional Development

Empower focuses on delivering the best developmental programs geared towards your business strategy. We equip our clients’ staff with the training and development necessary to increase productivity, transparency, reduce costs and accelerate performance.

We offer a full array of customised and off-the-shelf training programs ranging from interactive online training to effective learning spaces at the Empower Brainery based in Accra. Empower can partner with you to facilitate various trainings and workshops specific to your project or operations. Our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary tools and localisation necessary to take your organisation to the next level.