The Brainery

Empower focuses on delivering the best developmental programs geared towards your business strategy. We equip our clients’ staff with the training and development necessary to increase productivity, transparency, reduce costs and accelerate performance. This is all made possible with our spacious, conducive and trendy Brainery.

The Framework

Designed to facilitate the training needs of technical and executive professionals, the Brainery experience provides a unique blend of learning and recreation.

Trainees will expect:

  • Interactive training methods that encourages participatory learning
  • Training courses that are tailor made to address weaknesses and further develop strengths

Quality Off-the-Shelf training courses such as:

  • Customer Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Branding
  • Leadership & Management and
  • Hospitality & Guests Services
  • Training strategies to suit their learning personalities. These include:
    • Collaborative training strategy, which is an approach where two or more trainees share ideas, experiences, opinions, and perspectives related to the training objective, but complete the training activities independent
    • Cooperative training strategy, which is an approach where two or more trainees work together on a common task, in a manner that is positively interdependent, with trainees accountable for their share of the work

The Catch

When we say Brainery we want you to think of three words: creativity, participation and innovation.

The Brainery:

  • Provides you with the opportunity to create any world that you want it to be with flexible layouts for interviews, planning sessions, project launches, corporate presentations and training or off-site meetings
  • Is fully equipped industry infrastructure such as data projectors, computers with internet access, plus a team of dedicated technical consultants on-site
  • Has a spacious lounge and provides complimentary refreshments for guest arrivals, breakout sessions and interaction

High Profile Facilitators

  • Our facilitators are seasoned professionals who have an impeccable resume from industries such as Sales & Marketing, Banking & Finance, I.T. & Hospitality.

What to expect:

  • They bring to The Brainery a wealth of experience that focuses on their passive and action training styles complete with an array of interactive and experiential learning activities
  • The objectives are indeed to train and develop but the key is to do it whilst having an interactive recreational feel to it. Our facilitators are well aware of this strive to bring their A-game with style and panache to deliver top notch sessions compared to none


In the quest to provide services across industries locally and globally, and to allow our clients access to specialist training courses, Empower is proud to have partnered with the International Hospitality School (IHS), South Africa and Workforce Holdings Pty (South Africa) to deliver specialist courses in Hospitality and Mining Services respectively.